I am a huge fan of mixing the sweet with the savory.

And this far-from-traditional stuffed pepper recipe does exactly that.

I got this idea from this Essentials of Latin Cooking cookbook that was gifted to me for the big 3-0…

It’s a bit different than the original recipe however, which I adapted to make more user-friendly (read: easier) and use the ingredients that I had on hand.

But the flavor profile is much the same. Spicy, savory, sweet.

Trifecta?  I think so 😀

Anaheim peppers. A beautifully lime green, mild variety of chili pepper.

You can find these anywhere really. Even my local Food Lion had them 😉

Onions. Pine nuts. Raisins. Say whaaaaa?

Trust me on this one. It.Just.Works.

Simply saute the onion for a few minutes in a bit of olive oil.

Throw in some fresh baby spinach

And let it cook for a few until wilted.  Season w/ salt & pepper too.

Finally, toss in the pine nuts and raisins and give a good stir.

Slice peppers just down the middle to split them, being careful not to break them open.  Remove any seeds as well.

Then just pile in the spinach mixture evenly into each one.

Hello pretty!!

Top each stuffed pepper with a couple thick slices of cheese

And place onto a bed of spicy tomato sauce.

Pomi strained tomatoes + hot sauce.

Yep. That.Is.It. 😀



What a playyyyyyground for those tastebuds. Right? 😛


Bake for a few until the peppers become tender and the cheese bubbly & melted.

Then serve ’em up!

Bet ya never had a stuffed pepper quite like this before 😉

Also bet that you’ll want to have them again and again. Because the flavor is just so uniquely delicious!!

But seriously y’all. I really really enjoyed these. And if you’re feeling adventurous (or even if you’re not?!) I’d definitely recommend giving them a try! 😛


  1. Def a unique combo! I really enjoy all of the ingredients, so i know id love it! Plus itd be super easy to switch it up!!

  2. Yum, raisins! What a neat looking combo.

  3. As usual, this looks amazing. You never cease to make me hungry!

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