I am just in love with this recipe.

And still trying to figure out why I’ve never made it at home before?

So fresh & flavorful. Yet so easy. And another meal that, when served cool, is perfect for a 90 degree ?April? evening.

Right 😛

It starts simply with some whole wheat spaghetti.    

Boiled until tender, drained and set aside to cool.

Then you add the veggies. 

A bit of sweet carrot, tangy fresh cilantro and spicy jalapeno.

Last, the sauce.  Oh the sauce.

Which gets a major flavor punch from a now-favorite ingredient of mine:  sesame oil.

Why haven’t I bought this stuff before?

Probably because I could never rationalize ?$5.97? a bottle to use for just one recipe…

Score for finding it this past weekend at the Asian market for only $2!

Frugal gourmet? Haha. Who knows.

But anywho. It’s ridiculously delicious. And worth every penny of wherever you buy it, because trust me, you won’t be using it just once!! 🙂

Soy sauce, rice vinegar, creamy peanut butter, toasty sesame oil, tangy lime and freshly grated ginger, all stirred up.

Some kinda wonderful…

Then. The magic happens. 😛






Look.At.That. 😀

What a beauty. Crunchy carrots, fresh herbs, creamy dressing all draped over strands of hearty thick pasta.

Oh wait, you say you want some protein too?

Shrimp it is!!  (simply boiled & cooled)

As well as some fresh lime to serve, of course 😉

The sauce on this dish was good enough that I seriously could just have eaten it with a spoon.  That sesame oil, I tell ya, what a flavor addition!

And I just love this meal as a lighter option on a warm night. Something about a cool pasta dish that just screams summer to me.

These noodles come taste-tester approved too, as they received the thumbs up from my panel of expert taste testers 😉

Although just a leftovers-serving tip, if you want, whip up some extra dressing for later since the pasta tends to soak up alot of the sauce when it stays in the fridge overnight. But it’s not necessary, just may be preferred.



  1. Totally making this soon! And yes, sesame oil is awesome!

  2. I make mine without sesame oil….honestly- not a HUGE difference. The sesame oil does add a lil special something- but olive oil works just as well (IMO). Peanut noodles and veggies is one of my most favorite dinners!

    • Oooo girl I may have to disagree a bit with the sesame oil on this one 😉 (xoxo!!) I thought it added such an amazing toasty deep flavor to the sauce. Maybe the lighter sesame oils don’t have as much flavor as the one I used though? Either way, peanut noodles and veggies are for sure a legit dinner, agreed there!

  3. I’d skip out on the shrimp, but this recipe is right down my alley!!! I’ve been loving asian inspired peanut sauces! I don’t have sesame oil though… i’ll have to pick some up! Random Question: Is sesame oil the kind of oil that’s in tahini? Isn’t tahini sesame seeds?

  4. I adore peanut noodles! This recipe sounds beyond fabulous. The last time I made them they came out bland, but I think that was because I forgot some key ingredients. I should really stop drinking while I cook 😉

    • Thanks girl, I really think the sesame oil is key! And speaking of drinking while cooking, please tell me you’ve seen My Drunk Kitchen on youtube haha, those are hilarious!! 😛

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