And impromptu visit from Lil’ Sis meant that I got to spend a fun Thursday evening catching up with her and also this gorgeously sunny & warm Friday outside apartment hunting and enjoyin’ some delicious eats!

Eatin’ fro yo (clearly).

Enjoyin’ pizza dinners… with just a bit of wine too of course 😉

Taking her for her first Stella’s experience…

Delicious dolmades.


And the best lentil soup and bread I’ve ever had…


Seriously. Even though I’d had it once before, I crave this meal like there’s no tomorrow.

Stella’s is phenomenal. I think Lil’ Sis is now also officially in love with it too!

There was also this: 

That would be someone getting pulled over for running a red light in Carytown by police horsemen…


Only in Richmond haha 😛

Lucy dog has been enjoyin’ herself too, sunbathin’ and all!

Spoiled dog. AllDayEveryDay.

And just as I send Lil’ Sis back off to school… there are even more adventures to be had! It is onlyyyy Friday now isn’t it? 😉

But more on that later.

Speaking of adventures, did I tell you that I tried tofu skin just the other night?

Because I did.  And it looked like this:

Yea. Tofu – skin. Right?

Not gonna lie, it was one of the stranger things that I’ve ever eaten.

Google it.  Then let me know what you think.

Thankfully there was lots of this amazing dry-fried eggplant to balance things out 😉 That stuff is seriously legit.

Peter Chang’s China Cafe. Always somethin’ for everyone there now isn’t there?!


Enjoy your weekend friends 😀


  1. Fun! You guys look so much alike. And are both so gorgeous!

  2. I think I would love this Stella’s. I’m not sure about tofu skin, but knowing me I would give it a try! Safe travels!!!

  3. Patti DenmanNo Gravatar

    I am in love with Stella’s ! I had grape leaves again today somewhere else but Stella’s are the best! I’ll have to try lentil soup next time ! Their Greek salad and kale salad are so fab!! Did you like the peter Changs tofu skins? I’ve never tried them before but knowing their sauces it was probably tasty!

    • Stella’s does grape leaves right – they really are the best!! Def give the lentil soup a try, it’s amazing. I’ve had that kale salad on the radar and may venture out to try that next! As for the tofu skins, they were interesting in texture but fabulous in flavor. Not sure that I’d eat them again just bc of the texture but definitely fun to give a try (and may just take some getting used to?!)

  4. Fun! Glad you guys got to hang out! That pizza looks super amazing!

  5. Glad you had fun with your sis! You two seem like you have an awesome relationship. I couldn’t do the tofu skin!

  6. I hope you warned Stella’s of our upcoming blogger-swarm! Just kidding… let’s sneak attack 😉

    Can someone explain what “dry frying” is?!

    • I have yet to figure out what dry frying is either? I need to google that one I think! Seriously though, if you head out to Peter Chang’s you HAVE to try this dish. It’s ridiculous 😛

  7. Stella’s Lentil Soup is amazing. I want some right now!!

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