This could be one of my new favorite fresh salad treats. I made it last week and already want to make it again!

The flavors and textures were just so good, and it came together in a matter of minutes…

I can see this dish making it’s way onto my summer dinner table more than a few times in the upcoming warm weather months.

Or onto the winter dinner table like now, especially on February days that near 80 degrees?!

Did you know we’ve only had 6 days this winter below 40 degrees? Six. Phenomenal. My kinda winter 😀

I found this shredded papaya at the Asian market. What don’t I find there… right?

If you can’t find it already shredded though then I assume you could just shred a whole papaya at home. Either way.

Oh and to note. This is green papaya. Which, as pointed out by Fanatic Mom, is quite different than the orangish sweet papaya we ate in Mexico. Haha that lady was right! Just an FYI if you’re lookin’ for it at the store… 🙂

It looks like noodles, doesn’t it?!

Topped the papaya “noodles” with some simple shredded carrot, chopped jalapeno and fresh cilantro


Then dressed it with a mixture of rice vinegar,

Cane sugar,

Fresh lime juice,

And chopped shallot

Shallots are so under-utilized in my kitchen, I always am reminded of how much I like them when I use them on the random like this!

The dressing gets pour over the papaya salad and stirred all around.

This shredded papaya had really long “strands” that I ended up cutting through a bit with a sharp knife before stirring.

Fresh and delicious. And spicyyyyyy! These jalapenos were a great kick to the tangy sweet dressing. And the texture of the papaya was super fun too!

Now… where’s that sunshine and sundress weather again?! 😛


  1. this looks soooo good! I definitely need to head to the Asian market to get some shredded papaya!

  2. TOTALLY looks like noodles- so cool. I heart the flavor of rice vinegar. Another unique dish!

  3. I grew up with my mom draggggging me to the asian markets on horsepen and have never been back. I think I need to check out tan-a some kind of bad though.

  4. I always see people order this big beautiful papaya salad when I go to a local Thai restaurant, and now I understand why.

  5. Ohhh I haven’t had papaya in forever!!! I used to get them confused with mangoes, for the longest time. I think I finally know the difference 😉

    See you tonight!!

  6. I know I would love this simply because it has rice vinegar. I could drink that stuff.

  7. You had me at jalapeno! Next time I am at our Japanese grocery store, I’ll have to look for the shredded papaya – I actually thought it was spaghetti squash at first!

  8. Oh wow, the shredded papaya does look like noodles, haha! Sounds good, though. 🙂

  9. Yummmmm great idea! This is a salad I always order at Vietnamese restaurants but good idea to get the ingredients at tan-o to make this refreshing salad at home! Yummy I can’t wait to make this over the weekend!!

  10. As you know, I love this salad!! I want some right now! 🙂

  11. I recognize that from Tan A Asian Market – I will try this recipe :o)

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