You know what’s so great about warm weather?

Dinner that requires no real recipe and can just come in the form of a use-up-whatcha-got kinda deal…

Did someone just say pasta salad??? 😛

Speaking of, here’s one I came up with over the weekend using a fun pasta called orzo.

Have you had it?

It may trick you into thinking it’s rice, but don’t be fooled, this orzo stuff can make just about any summer pasta salad anything but normal n’ boring!

Orzo pasta.
Canned chick peas
Whole black olives
Salsa verde
Green peas
Fresh cilantro.
Spicy jalapeno

Salsa verde is a different take on the basic oil & vinegar that usually dresses a summer pasta medley, but I figured, hey why not?

It pairs wonderfully with the addition of fresh cilantro and spicy jalapeno, adding a bit of a tang to the whole dish.

And if you haven’t had salsa verde before you should definitely give it a whirl. It gets its green color from the tomatillo, which has a lovely almost tart and tangy flavor.

I’ve even taken a stab at making my own salsa verde at home a while back…

Come to think of it, perhaps I need to try that out again now that I’m on this recent salsa kick and all!

But back to the our regularly scheduled programming…

What’s also great about this dish? 

Not only can you make it ahead of time and stash it away for mid-week lunches but there’s also no worries about leaving it out while enjoying that fresh summer air —> no mayo and no meat means no worries… 😛

“Summer-proof” if you will!

(who says these kinds of things?)

Me. Clearly.

What’s your favorite type of salsa? Traditional tomato, fun sweet fruit or something even more out of the ordinary?!


  1. I love that salsa verde from Trader Joes – I have some in my pantry.

    Great idea for a warm evening summer salad!

  2. I love orzo. I make a cheesey hot orzo recipe that I love, but it’s definitely perfect in pasta salads. That looks great!

  3. orzo is one of my favorite pastas! So tiny and delicious. This would make FABULOUS leftovers

  4. Pasta salads with olives are the best! (In my opinion. 🙂 )
    I love that salsa from TJ’s – I’ve also been buying their fresh pico which is very good!

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