This is unlike any pizza I’ve had before…

But it’s exactly like a pizza that I want to have again and again!

In fact, I ate it for 4 straight meals. And didn’t even tire of it.

Alex, ya hear that? Haha 😛

There was just something special about the sweet n’ tangy orange marmalade atop savory crust topped with creamy ricotta that just sang to me.

Sweet delicious pizza melodies?

The best part. It’s not over the top sweet. So it’s perfect for the dinner plate. At least in my opinion 😉  Clearly. 4 lunches/dinners later….

If you haven’t discovered it yet, Trader Joe’s makes a fantastic fresh pizza dough that tastes great and can be purchased on the cheap.

99 cents that this CPA considers a wise investment haha.

And have you ever had orange marmalade before? Where has this stuff been hiding all my life?!

Pretty sure this was my first time having it. And I LOVED it. The orange peel mixed throughout gives it so much flavor. Oh so good.

The pizza comes together in a snap.  Watch and see 🙂

Drizzle of olive oil to prevent sticking.

Pizza crust. Which I split in half and formed into two flatter square shapes.

Orange marmalade. Do it. 

Ricotta cheese.

I go through phases with this stuff, and right now I’m in a can’t-get-enough kinda phase. For sure. Bring it.

Sliced pear.

Placed atop the fluffy ricotta. 

And drizzled with sweet honey.

My mouth is watering already…

Then into the oven to bake for a few minutes, until the crust barely browns and the orange marmalade bubbles up from under the blanket of ricotta.

Once its done, let the pizza cool for a few before slicing.

This will avoid a sticky ricotta mess… not that I speak from experience or anything 😉

A simple salad of baby arugula makes the perfect accompaniment to this pizza meal if I do say so myself! (4 times?)

Completely unexpected flavors for a pizza but 100% welcomed in my opinion. This one is definitely going to get made again!

It would be perfect for  sharing & entertaining too.  And who knows, maybe next time I’ll actually share it with others in lieu of eating it for days by myself… but I’m not making any promises 😉 haha


  1. I’ve had a sweet pizza once before and I adored it. This sounds just perfect. I think it’d make a really fun party app too. TJs white dough is fabulous! Their wheat is a little meh…in my opinion

    • Totally agree w u on TJs wheat dough, not super impressed :/ I def always go for the white dough when I’m there, take THAT nutrition, haha! 😉

  2. This sounds so good! I’ve got to pick up one of those pizza crusts. I don’t know what keeps holding me back!
    LOVE orange marmalade. My mom used to put it on chicken and bake it and it was one of my favorite things. I’ve also used it in French toast casserole. Beyond.

    • Ummmm so guess what’s now next in the orange marmalade queue… oh yea, baked marmalade chicken. Thanks for that fantastic idea! I bet it would be fabulous on some chicken thighs (my first true love haha?) And btw, anytime you want to make a French toast casserole with it too u r more than welcome to bring me some, heck I’d prob drive up to DC just for that bc it sounds so good! haha 😛

  3. DOOOOOOOOOOD. you’re killin me! This looks ahhhhmazzzzzzinnnngggg! I want to make it like a crostini style appetizer (a la my goat cheese/onion/raisin flatbread!). You get me. You really do.

    And in other news…can we talk about your nails? What brand/color are you sportin?? Me likey.

    • Heyyyyyyyyy girlfriend!! How u doinnnn?! I hope u r fabulous. And u know we are foodie twinz at heart! For real. As for my nails, that would be a Sally Hanson special – InstaDry in Fuchisia Fare. Hello summer! 🙂

  4. Okay I can SO see myself having this for lunch like every day!!! love the flavors and ricotta, Swoon!!

  5. what in the world, this looks crazy good! i would have never thought of it myself… totally doing it.

    • Thanks so much! I think (hope) you will LOVE it 🙂 I ate it for four meals straight and didn’t seem to get tired of it somehow!

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