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There’s this local food cart in the downtown part of Richmond that has become a food cart institution of sorts…

You see, they have just about THE BEST chicken salad that has ever met this lady’s lips. 

Okay let’s just make it official and say “the best”. Because truly, it really is.

Plump golden raisins, shredded tender chicken spiced with tarragon and just enough mayonnaise to hold it all together. I hate a mayo overdose, and Christopher’s gets it just right.

I’m not the only one who seems to think that this cart works a lil’ bit of magic on the few street corners that it graces with its presence each  downtown workday either.

One of my best friends actually had the tarragon chicken salad ordered in bulk and brought down to Williamsburg just for her bridesmaid’s lunch on the day of her wedding!

Legit. Right?

So when I received an email request regarding a recreation of a Christopher’s menu item I was super excited to give it a try…

Only problem was, this menu item was one that I hadn’t yet ventured out to try!

Lemon & Dill Tuna Salad

You can see where this story is going now can’t you 😉

So the very next sunny, warm March day (we’ve been gettin’ a lot of those thankfully!) I headed outta the office at noon on the hunt for some tuna.

I felt like I was cheating on my beloved tarragon chicken friend, but I knew it was all for a good cause 😛

And guess what, lucky for me, this tuna did.not.disappoint.!!

The tuna was shredded very fine and tasted almost tangy & salty at the same time…

with definite flavors of dill running throughout and the fresh addition of finely grated cucumber. 

I’m thinkin’ there was some worcestershire goin’ on there too, which I found to be a unique yet awesome addition to the whole tuna mix!

So here is my attempt at a recreation of this Richmond classic, which may not be exactly the same as the scoop that you get from that side street cart but is close enough to warrant a recreation in your kitchen at home…

Because it turned out just fabulous 😀  And perfect for a warm weather day!

I had it not once, but twice this past weekend. And kinda already want it again. 

No lie.

I’d highly recommend serving this tuna salad with crisp wheat crackers too. And a squeeze of fresh lemon on the side if your so inclined.

And shhhh…. don’t tell, but I may or may not have snuck plain yogurt into this recipe. But let’s just make that our little secret mmmmkay 😉

Of course feel free to use mayo if you’d like too. I just didn’t have any on hand and knew that purchasing a whole jar would just lead to it going to waste.



  1. I never thought to add worcestershire sauce to tuna – what an interesting idea!

  2. Ok this is making me think that I really should consider adding fish into my diet… haha the only seafood I’ve EVER had is tuna (how lame is that?!) but I did always enjoy it in my meat eating days!

    I’m also jealous that you get to explore downtown food trucks!

  3. I bet your version is better because it contains chobani! I haven’t had food from a food truck in AGES

  4. I don’t often eat meat, but if/when I do, it’s usually fish. Looks tasty 🙂

  5. I don’t eat meat very often, but if/when I do, it’s usually meat. Looks tasty 🙂

  6. I’m jealous of you and your downtown food carts – I’ve never been to one here in Richmond. It’s sad. :/

    Love this recipe Steph. I definitely want to try it soon!

  7. I absolutely LOVE Christopher’s lemon dill tuna salad –
    Can’t wait to try this recipe out for myself!!!

    • I hope you like it! It’s not an exact match for Christopher’s amazing recipe however I found it to be super tasty none-the-less 🙂 Enjoy!

  8. THANK YOU! I haven’t lived in Richmond for 7 years, but I still dream about Christopher’s tuna salad. I have been looking for a copycat recipe ever since!

    • CookinfanaticNo Gravatar

      Christopher’s is the best, agreed! Hope that you enjoy this recipe and that it comes close to bringing back fond memories of the original Richmond tradition 🙂

  9. THANK YOU! I moved from Richmond to LA over 15 years ago, and still think about this tuna salad! I was telling my fiance about it, and was so excited to find your recipe. I’m making this today!

  10. I was literally just eating Christopher’s tuna salad and wondering how to create it at home when I found this. Amazing. Thanks!

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