Happy Tuesday everyone 🙂

In lieu of a new recipe today I thought it would be fun to keep this week goin’ with a giveaway instead!

And a mighty fine one at that.

It’s no secret around here how much I love this stuff

And I don’t think that I’m alone on that from the looks of the grocery store shelves 😉

In fact, would you believe that I have conversations at work about Chobani almost – people’s love for the stuff, the commercial, recipe ideas, you name it!

True story. And I love it.

Case in point:  last week I received a phone call from a previous coworker just to tell me that she is hooked on Chobani, that she loves it. Said she didn’t want to “jump on the bandwagon” but once she tried it there was no going back.

It’s a pretty easy “bandwagon” to jump on when something just tastes that.good. Right? 😀

So here’s your chance to win some Cho of your very own…

And maybe you’ll just have to jump on the “bandwagon” too… that is, if you haven’t done so already!

To enter to win some free apple cin, blood orange & passion fruit Cho of your very own: 

1. Leave a comment below telling me your favorite Chobani flavor.

2. Follow Cookinfanatic1 on twitter and tweet about this giveaway “Enter to try some @chobani of your very own over at @cookinfanatic1!” – and leave a comment saying so below.

3. Like Cookinfanatic on Facebook and leave a comment saying so below.

I’ll pick a winner at random on Sunday, March 18 and they’ll receive their very own case of the coveted new Chobani flavors!

Good luck and enjoy 🙂


  1. PLAIN (0%) with maple syrup added 🙂

  2. I have to pick 1 flavor? It’s a toss up, Blood orange and Passion Fruit are my 2 favorites right now. Black cherry & pomegranate are the other 2.

  3. My absolute FAVORITE is Apple Cinnamon now. I have literally had it every day for breakfast for the past two weeks 🙂

  4. The apple cinnamon is my favorite. It flies off the shelves here and is so hard to find! When it’s not there I’ll pick up the black cherry or lemon.

  5. plain, with a drizzle of agave and a sprinkle of pepitas!!

  6. It’s a toss-up between pineapple and mango, depending on my mood.

  7. Apple Cinnamon is so sweet!

  8. I also like cookinfanstic!

  9. defrog@consolidated.netNo Gravatar

    I am in love with Passion Fruit

  10. Pineapple! And those new flavors aren’t half bad.

  11. defrog@consolidated.netNo Gravatar

    I am following on twitter @ debigfrog and tweeted this contest!/debigfrog/status/179575996360564736

  12. defrog@consolidated.netNo Gravatar

    I liked cookinfanatic1 on facebook @Denise Loscar Bigley

  13. apple cinnamon for sure. 🙂

  14. and i tweeted about the giveaway!

  15. apple cinnamon makes my heart swell <3

  16. I love 2% Pineapple and also the 0% Apple Cinnamon! I haven’t tried the Blood Orange kind yet (can’t find it!), but I’ve heard it’s great!

  17. I just received a couple of cups of Honey Vanilla–really delicious! I’m reall curious about the new flavors! Can’t wait! We’re fortunate to be getting a Chobani facility in Idaho–much-needed jobs, and looks like it will be a good fit with the people up here who already know a lot about giving back!

  18. Plain for me, I don’t like all the sugar in the flavored ones!

  19. I like Chobani, any flavor! Nice and creamy, not too thick–I use it in my oatmeal, cereal, and I’m inventing new salad dressings that don’t use fattening dairy products. It’s something I use instead of sour cream (yes, even on my Idaho potatoes, plain 2% “loaded” yogurt’s better than a calorie-loaded potato!) I’ve shared here, posted on my wall, tweeted on Twitter, and “Liked” on Cookinfanatic. Welcome to Idaho!

  20. I absolutely die for passion fruit. YUM YUM!

  21. I tweeted about this giveaway as @lifesabeech.!/lifesabeech/status/179597185946615809

  22. I liked your FB page as Lisa Marie Gerber Beech

  23. I love Apple Cinnamon! It’s delicious!

  24. Thank you for such a great giveaway! I love Chobani and my favorite flavors are Plain, Peach and Vanilla!

  25. Blood orange is my favorite!! I am eating one right now for lunch!! 🙂

  26. My absolute favorite Chobani flavor is pineapple!

  27. I tweeted as @Mrs_Maynard about the giveaway

  28. I liked cookinfanatic on facebook

  29. i am totally obsessed with the blood orange chobani! i was a bit skeptical at first, but it reminds me of a creamsicle. so. freakin’. good.

  30. Love the Honey! Pick me!

  31. Patti DenmanNo Gravatar

    Blood orange!!

  32. Patti DenmanNo Gravatar

    Blood orange!

  33. Pineapple 🙂

  34. I’ve been DYING to try blood orange!

  35. And DUH I like cooking fanatic on facebook. I like her in real life too 😉

  36. I love plain ‘ol vanilla. Yum Yum.

  37. Vanilla! I use it in smoothies with frozen organic raspberries and strawberries. It’s the best.

  38. Pineapple.

  39. Fave Cho flavor is 0% plain and adding a dollop of PB 😀 And my fave fruity flavor is lemon!

  40. The blood orange is the best!

  41. I love CHO! My recent fave (though I love them all) is the 2% Strawberry Banana! So rich and creamy!

  42. I’m following you on twitter @MyEatsAndTreats and just tweeted! 🙂

  43. I liked your Facebook page! 🙂

  44. I like Vanilla Chobani with added blueberries 🙂

  45. Pomegranate!! But I love ’em all!

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