This rainbow swiss chard caught my eye immediately on a post-work stop into Whole Foods last week…

“For a few things” <— we all know how that story goes 😉

Stunning, right?

Organic. And 3/$5. Less than $2 each. Who says eating healthy has to cost big bucks?! 🙂

I decided that some local grass-fed beef would pair wonderfully with this hearty, leafy green.

So beef it was.

A simple marinade/sauce, just 3 ingredients:  fresh garlic, soy sauce & spicy sambal oelek.

P.S. If you don’t have sambal you can just use sriracha, omitting the clove garlic in this recipe.

Stirred together and spooned over the sliced meat to marinate for a short while.

Before a quick throw together in a hot pan…

And in just minutes, dinner will be on the table.

See!! 😀

Sliced onion into some hot oil for a few minutes, until soft.

Followed by rinsed & drained rainbow swiss chard, just until it starts to wilt.

Now make some room for the spicy marinated beef.

And pour it right into the pan with the other goodies.

We’re all friends here 🙂

Just about 2 or 3 minutes until the beef is just barely done (flipping midway).

Then stirred around to combine the flavors and finish cooking the beef just another minute or so (this resulted in a still-pink center, my preference).

If you like your beef more well done, let it go a little longer until it’s as cooked through as you like it.

And before you know it…




Feel free to layer this over some fluffy rice, quinoa or even millet too. Or just go for it plain like I did. Either way I’m sure you’ll enjoy! 🙂

Do you enjoy leafy greens like swiss chard too?


  1. I really enjoy leafy greens! The simplicity of this dish screams summer!

  2. this looks awesome. I need to use greens more in my meals. I used to be kale-obsessed, but rainbow chard needs a chance too!

  3. I LOVE leafy greens. And I’ve been obsessed with beef lately. 🙂

  4. I have a ton of swiss chard in the fridge…switch out for salmon and I’m set!! great dinner idea!

  5. 3 for $5 is such a good deal! This sounded great to me since I saw it a few days ago! Beef and greens – doesn’t get much better than that!

  6. I’ve been wanting to experiment with leafy greens. This is just perfect!

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