Another weekend bites the dust… How does that always happen so fast?!? 😛

Brittany’s Birthday at BlowToad.

Say that 3 times! This new restaurant features coal fired pizzas and delicious coal fired pizzas at that…

Plus they have some super ridiculous cocktails (see borrowed pic below) and their calamari is phenomenal.

beet cocktail.JPG

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“We Got the Beets” cocktail with vodka, grand mariner, grapefruit and beet juice for the birthday girl!

Britt and Gabby gave it 2 thumbs up. I can’t wait to order this on my next visit 🙂

Definitely lovin’ this place and will be goin’ back!

Just can’t promise that I’ll be trying their “swingin’ steak” pizza anytime soon though… this lil’ pizza gem has caused quite the controversy in our town haha!! (bull testicles anyone?)

Weekend Yoga — Love. 

Or playtime if Lucy had it her way. Ha. This dog and that toy skunk. Best friends forever. is seriously the best too ya’ll. If you haven’t checked it out before, you totally should. Because sometimes you just need some yoga from the comforts of home!

Dinner at the new Peter Chang’s China Cafe.

This restaurant was just opened by award winning chef Peter Chang who specializes in Szechwan cuisine.

It’s located in a strip mall next to WalMart and is already procuring crowds like I’ve never seen before. Let’s just say that the hour and a half wait for a table was 100% worth it. This food was unreal.

Guess now I know why this “disappearing chef” has such a following. For real.

Dry-Fried Eggplant.

No.Words. Served piping hot with a warm, crispy exterior and a melt in your mouth inside. A hint of chili spice and the most amazing flavor. WOW WOW WOWwwww.

Fish and tofu with 5 peppers. 

This house made tofu was nothing like I’d ever had before. It literally melted in your mouth and was creamy and smooth. Couldn’t.Get.Enough.

Finally, this mushroom dish featured 13 different types of mushrooms, all super fresh.


This is definitely a “family style” eating event, so come with a group and get ready to share 🙂

When did Richmond become such a foodie paradise?! I am LUVIN’ ittttt. 

Then there was that whole Snowmageddon 2012 thing. Ha.

This doggggg. Maybe not the finest scholar but the cutest one for sure lol 😉

And ya know, if this is the last of the snow for the year then I’ll be a-okay with that too, just sayin’…

At least it made for a fabulous day relaxing at home, which I hadn’t done in foreverrrrr.  It also made for a perfect day for making this:

But more to come on that tomorrow 😀

Do tell, what was the best thing you ate all weekend or what was your favorite part of the weekend?!?


  1. What a fabulous weekend! The food looks great-especially the eggplant! Favorite part of my weekend-lots of time with josh!

  2. I just got back from a delicious pop-up restaurant preview, but sadly I’m too stress from having to work all weekend and tired from not sleeping that I couldn’t really enjoy it. The asparagus/beet taco I had was pretty fabulous though I think.

  3. What a fun weekend!! the eggplant looks delish!!

  4. Ahh.. what a fun weekend full of delicious foods! I had a blast at Blowtoad – thank so much for coming. 🙂

    And, you just sold me on Peter Changs. I must go try that house-made tofu. 1.5 hour wait?!? Do they not do reservations?

    Lastly, Yogadownload is ah-mah-zing. I love their core yoga classes.

    • I def already want to go back to BlowToad, really enjoyed that place and so fun celebrating your bday too!

      Peter Changs only does reservations for parties of 6 or more :/ but it’s def a dinner that’s better with more people since the dishes are huge and great for sharing! . i’d recommend going around either 6pm or 8:30pm to avoid a wait… we were some of the last to be sat around 8:30 haha shoulda just gotten there then! 🙂 i also heard that their lunch special is awesome, only $7.99 I think…?

  5. That was such a random snow fall! But I’m kind of happy it’s already melted (Actually, I’m super happy)

    I keep hearing about Peter Changs! I totally need to check this place out!

  6. Favorite thing I ate: Pesto Pizza with Fresh Mozzarella and Tomatoes!

    Favorite tihng I did: Watched SIX movies with my fam (2 starring Ryan Gosling 🙂

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