After purchasing a Living Social deal for Selba, a newer local restaurant in the area, I had been just dyin’ to try this spot for quite some time now!

“Our menu features fresh, natural ingredients from local and regional farmers. We will tell you what is in the food you eat, and where it came from. In short, we believe that you should get to know your food.”

Now that’s a motto I could get used to… 🙂

“In addition to our seasonal menu, we build on our philosophy of fresh, natural and healthy by offering daily specials that showcase the great abundance and variety of Virginia grown produce, artisanal culinary products, and local sustainably raised or harvested proteins

What is there about that that’s not to love?! 

So, knowing that this lil’ lady and I have such similar dining perspectives, I knew she would be the perfect dinner date for giving this restaurant a try!

Selba labels all their menu items that are gluten-free, vegan & vegetarian, making it a great place to take diners that have certain dietary needs. 

In fact, the first thing our super sweet waitress asked us was if either of us were vegan, vegetarian or needed to dine gluten free so that she could provide us with the seperate menu containing only those options. I thought that was really cool 😀

For our lil’ dining adventure, Brittany and I decided to try three different courses:  salad, appetizer and an entree. 

Beet Arugula Salad
Roasted baby beets, arugula and lemon-yogurt dressing. VG, GF

The beets were roasted perfectly, melt-in-your mouth tender.  And the dressing was so light and refreshing. This was the showstopper dish for me of the night, but not by much considering how good the rest of the meal was!

Crispy Brussels Sprouts
Chickpea-beer battered brussels sprouts, smoked tomato and English Mustard Remoulade. VG

I thought that this was such a unique idea! The batter was super tasty and such a fun contrast to the brussels sprouts inside. Plus the dipping sauce had a delicious smoky flavor, really pulling this dish together. My only one note was that they were a bit salty, but other than that really good.

I am already contemplating whether I can attempt a version of these at home, trying them baked in the oven in lieu of frying… perhaps more to come?! 😉

Vegetarian Entree Special

Roasted poblano with tofu, mushrooms, cabbage, red onions and garlic, topped with Manchego cheese.

Now this, my friends, is how a roasted poblano should be done!

Creamy on the inside, perfect char on the outside, all draped in a layer of rich melted cheese.  Hello beautiful 🙂 

P.S. This was only half of a serving, since Brittany and I ended up splitting our entree course!

Overall, I most definitely want to go back to Selba again. The atmosphere was wonderful, the service was great and the food was both unique and super tasty.

Oh yea, and their prices were totally reasonable, coming to $32 for the entire meal (in total, not per person).

All things that make for a fabulous dining experience in my opinion!! 😀

I also really stand behind their use of local products, I’ll choose those any day.

I must say that I’ve seriously been so impressed with the Richmond dining scene recently, it seems to be just exploding with fabulous options and delicious eats.

Between coal fired pizzas, award winning Szechwan and tasty, locally inspired eats, my little city seems to be becoming quite the culinary destination as of late!! 🙂

What’s a favorite local dining spot in your city?!


  1. Yes, recipe for battered and baked brussels!!!

  2. WOW! What a spot! I love places like this. Everything looks good. The beets are gorgeous and you know I’m obsessed with brussels. I can’t pick a favorite spot- I have too many!

  3. Ahhh I just read Brittany’s post on Selba’s too and now I’m SO jealous!!! I’m sad I couldn’t go! (But the 1/2 wine at Xtra’s was good… so I can’t really complain.) haha

    I definitely want to join you two on the next foodie adventure!

    • we definitely missed ya girl and u most def have to join on the next foodie adventure for sure! 🙂

  4. Ohhhhhhh crispy brussel sprouts, yum!! Sounds and LOOKS like a great dinner out!

  5. I need those fried brussels sprouts in my life. YUM!

  6. Great recap. Thanks for inviting me lady!!

  7. I told Brittany so I’ll tell you too, I’m jealous you guys get to try out all these cool new places without me!! 🙂

    • There are so many new spots popping up around town, wish you were here to join in the foodie fun!!

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