Arlington weekend for the win. Never fails.  it there.

Whitlow’s on Wilson

Great cover band playing all sorts of fun classics.

Plus, I mean…

Right?  Ha. Hey… when in Rome.

Much needed morning coffee.

Needed to errrr warm up somehow… 😉


Brrrr it got coldddd!!!

And snowy?

Bayou Bakery.

Grilled Pimento Cheese. 

You had me at hello!

With a side of seasonal mushroom rosemary soup.

Oh my goodness this soup! 


It wasn’t super creamy, but instead almost frothy and whipped along with great mushroom flavor.

AND croutons. Loved it.

The Vow.

Channing Tatum.

Enough said.  Go see this one ladies. Trust me on it 😉

Cava Mezze Clarendon.

The BEST MEAL I’ve had this year. 

And most definitely in the top 5 meals I’ve had ever…

Bold statement. I know.

It was pretty dimly lit inside, making it a super fun atmosphere. Albeit not that great for pics 😉

My new spicy food love:  harissa.

Served with warm, fresh, doughy pita triangles. And olives.

Good thing they sell their products at Whole Foods. For real. I’m on it.

The rest of the meal included what is now one of my FAVORITE DISHES I’ve had. Like, ever: 

Zucchini Fritters w/ Dodonis feta / herbs / tzatziki.

Wow. No words. And no pictures. It was intense y’all 😛

Also around the table went Ratatouille, Chicken souvlaki, Cava fries w/ feta, Mini gyros pita and Spicy lamb sliders.


The ratatouille with a touch of harissa spread atop warm pita was out of this world!!!

I think we spoke all of 4 words to each other during this meal, it was just that good. 

If you’re in the DC area.  Go to this place. Seriously.

And order some Greek white wine or a raspberry mojito while you’re waiting for your table, both were phenomenal!

If you’re feelin’ crazy, maybe try out their Saganaki (flaming cheese!) too – what a fun dish to watch come out. Next time 😀

Brooklyn Bagel Bakery.

Multigrain bagel w/ veggie cream cheese.

Lots of great veggie pieces you can actually taste in this spread. Love.

Good thing I have all this lovely Chobani waiting for me in my fridge…

Because this girl really needs to get to the grocery store 😉

We’ll see what makes it into the Fanatic kitchen this week… plans are still up in the air!  Hey, sometimes it just has to be “one of those weeks” right?

Greek yogurt anyone? 😛


What’s the best meal that you’ve had so far this year?


  1. I had greek yogurt for breakfast!

    Hmmm…the best meal I’ve had so far….I haven’t had anything earth shattering that’s for sure.

    I really enjoyed the pizza quinoa I posted about today!

  2. Definitely Komi, but I LOVE Cava as well. I wish I could have joined. Sigh, I’m such a broken record lately.

  3. What a fantastic weekend! I will take the soup (extra croutons please) and those Cava fries w/ feta…drool. You know I am LOVING the chobani. I could eat 20 million containers (minor exaggeration?) of the new apple cinnamon

  4. Oh wow, all of that food sounds amazing! What a great eating weekend. 🙂

  5. Spicy harissa?? Why haven’t I tried this?!

    I got the same Chobani case – this morning I had the blood orange to make a parfait – so fricken good! 😀

  6. great weekend!! love,love The Vow…cried like 3 times…

  7. Ah, Whitlow’s is in my neck of the VA ‘hood! Sometime we’ll have to grab a bite together… Best meal so far in 2012 [or my whole life] was last weekend in NYC at Ben & Jack’s Steakhouse- HOLY YUM!!!

    • Yes I’d love to meet up for lunch or something next time I’m up there (which is often!)

      NYC — ahhh so jealous, hope you had a fabulous time on your visit!!

  8. Ahh what a fun weekend Steph!!!! I’ve heard great things about Cava Mezze and after your review I KNOW I need to go there.

    I’ve tried all their products before because they were sampling them at WF one day. Ellwood’s also sells their products here in Richmond. 🙂

    The eggplant and roasted red pepper dip is delicious and I like the harissa as well. They have a spicy hummus that includes the harissa and it’s amazing too. Now you have we craving some… 🙂

    • you HAVE to try cava mezze girl, you will love it! i am definitely picking up some of their harissa from whole foods, it’s phenomenal. maybe i’ll have to grab that hummus too omg yum!

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