Snow Day. 

That was sooooooo last Sunday week 😉


Considering it’s supposed to be 70 degrees come Thursday! 

Heck yea, my kinda winter weather…


But, in remembrance of the winter-that-never-was, how about a soup recipe for perhaps that one chilly day that creeps in with the “gift” of the white fluffy stuff?

Ya know, just for old times sake 😛

I can’t take a single ounce of credit here ya’ll.  Jess has yet again wow’ed me another easy-to-make, even easier-to-eat recipe idea. 

This time in the form of a Buffalo Chicken Soup

Velvety smooth and spicy, this soup is super easy to make and also has the potential for many different variations.

So here’s mine, which incorporated chicken thighs in lieu of white breast meat and a shredded salsa jack cheese in lieu of Parmesan and cheddar.

 It’ll be on the table in no time, ya know, so you can get back to loungin’ on the couch with your bottle glass of wine, endless hours of tv, computer activity or whatever it is you do on a snow day… 😉

Not that I speak from experience or anything.

Organic chicken thighs, boneless & skinless. 

I happen to prefer thigh meat over chicken breast most of the time.  It adds a deeper flavor and makes for a richer, more velvety broth.

It’s also nicer on my wallet. Just sayin’…

To each their own?

Simply poached in boiling water until cooked through, then shredded and seasoned with sea salt & black pepper.

Quintessential feel-good flavor combo? – onions and garlic


What doesn’t end well with these two involved?

Lil’ bit of flour to thicken things up…

Followed by some organic low sodium chicken broth…


And a long time friend, Frank’s Buffalo sauce, goes into the mix.

Soup me.

Finish it all off with some cheese, salsa jack cheese if you can find it.

I picked up this random purchase at the local Food Lion and it turned out to be a most delicious find.  Really good!

Now all there is left to do is to serve 🙂  Best step ever?

I topped my buffalo chicken soup with some crushed tortilla chips

Additional grated salsa jack cheese

And sliced green onion

And it was gooooooooooood!!! 😀 😀 😀

Jess recommends topping with sliced whole wheat baguettes (toasted with parmesan cheese), sliced green onions, crumbled gorgonzola and cilantro – which I also think sounds amazinggggg.

I just didn’t have them on hand.  So I improvised, what’s new 😉

Make this soup y’all, not only is it super easy but it’s really darn delicious too!


  1. this looks delicious!

  2. Jessica has the best recipes. Its just ridiculous. I always leave her site (and yours ;)) hungry! Buffalo chicken- so good

  3. I am SO totally fine with the “oh, wait, what happened to winter?” weather. That little snow storm was all I needed to remind me that I’d rather have warmth!!!

    Plus, I’m ready for spring clothes! haha

  4. I don’t know how I still haven’t made this yet, it needs to happen and ASAP.

  5. I almost put that on the meal plan for this week, but due to the warm weather I decided against it. It looks so good though!

  6. This sounds delicious! It definitely is more like Springuary than winter but I’m totally a-ok with it 🙂 Feels so nice wearing skirts without leggings and walking out of the gym in shorts and not needing to bundle up!

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