I came across this article the other day discussing the five packaged foods you never need to buy again…

And guess what the #1 item was?  SOUP!

I couldn’t agree more 🙂

Soup is the easiest thing everrrr to make at home and seriously requires little to no cooking skillz.  Basically you just throw stuff in a pot and more likely than not it’s bound to end up good! Right?

And you know what else, there’s really no better way to clean out the vegetable drawer and rando’s all up in your food cabinet space!

Well except for throwing them away. But that’s no bueno in this house 😉

So about this soup. Which used up some bacon I had stashed in the freezer, a bit of rando’ leftover pasta pieces plus some veggie odds n’ ends. 

Results <— smoky & delicious!  Filling & luscious! Hearty & comforting!

Okay I’ll stop while I’m ahead.

Let’s do this thang.

Bacon.  Baaaaaaaaaaaacon.

P.S. Bacon slices so much easier when partially frozen.  Lil’ trick for ya? 😀

Carrot, onion and garlic.

Chicken broth.

Kidney beans.

Pasta sauce. 

Say whaaaaa?  Adds some great flavor friends in lieu of plain tomatoes!  Plus I had it around, ya know 😉

I let the soup simmer at this point while I got down to business with a P90X Kenpo session.   Nothing like the smell of bacon simmering on the stove to really make you want to get your workout on, no? 😉

Napa cabbage. 

Which I scored 2.5lbs of for a mere $1.48 at the Asian market the other day.  Ummmm #winning.  Love this stuff.  And that place. Clearly.

Into the pot we go.  We’re all friends here.

Whole wheat penne pasta.

And voila, you’re done!

You can’t tell me that that could’ve been any easier?

And hopefully you also can’t tell me that you don’t want to dunk yourself right into a bowl of this stuff…  haha or perhaps that’s just me. 😛


A lil’ freshly cracked black pepper always makes me happy happy too!

Overall, this soup was really lovely.  It got almost creamy from the long simmer time and the smoky bacon really pumped it up.

We’ll call it minestrone, because hey, why not?  And “saucy” because of it’s creator… hahaha kidding, because of the pasta sauce obviously 😉

What’s your favorite way to use up random ingredients in your kitchen?


  1. Soups or stir fry are where all my extra veggies end up! Soup totally is the best/easiest meal to make! Nom Nom. Hope you’re having a good THursday

    • Yesss, stir fry! Great suggestion. Of course I’d just use it as yet another vehicle for getting some spicy Sambal into my mouth haha 😉

  2. Fave way to use up random ingredients or on a lazy night, is to toss it into a big pot and make a soup/ stew [like you!] or an egg scramble 🙂 I’m thinking of doing one of those tonight!

    • Ahhh yes, mixed into scrambled eggs is a great way to use up ingredients, sounds like a great dinner idea!

  3. I actually just had minestrone for the first time the other day (I know crazy) but I loved and I love bacon even more haha so I am going to have to try this recipe! Thanks!!

  4. Soup is definitely the best for random ingredients! It almost always turns out well. That looks great!

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