Pimento cheese. Something I must say that I haven’t thought alot about in my almost-30 years (*gasppp* 3 more days left in my 20’s say whaaa?!?!)…

And honestly something that kinda “scared” me a bit since I was never really quite sure of what it was?

However, after having a lil’ run-in with the tangy creamy cheesy goodness just a few short weeks ago while visiting The Citizen and enjoying their torta w/ jerk collards, pimento cheese & pickled shallots….

I just haven’t been able to stop thinkin’ about it since! (totally normal?) 😛

So it was time. Time to make a version of it myself in the Fanatic Kitchen!

Not being the biggest fan of mayo, and also thinkin’ that there was a way to lighten this dish up, I decided to try adding my favorite Chobani into the mix instead…

What-do-ya know? It turned out DELICIOUS!!!

And could potentially be one of my new favorite foods everrrrr. 

Good thing too, because I have quite a bit to eat up during the upcoming week 😉 I foresee some uber-tasty lunches in my near future!!

5 ingredients:  medium cheddar cheese, plain Chobani Greek yogurt, diced pimentos, lemon juice, crushed red pepper flakes.

This is so so sooooo easy, just watch! 🙂

Grate the cheese and into a bowl it goes.

Add the plain Greek yogurt <— Chobani 0% Plain for me!

Then the diced pimentos.

Things the internetz taught me:  a pimento is actually a type of red pepper known as a cherry pepper. It has a flavor similar to that of a red bell pepper but is more pungent and tangy.

You can find them in the pickle aisle at any grocery store, already diced and all!

Finish things off with a fresh squeeze of lemon juice plus some spicy red pepper flakes.

And stir to incorporate.

That’s it folks!  The pimento cheese is ready to be devoured served 😉

I served mine with some Wasa crackers, but any crackers will do the trick! 

Or just straight off the spoon.  There’s no judging here…

I’m also thinkin’ that I’ll be spreading it on some sliced bread for lunches later in the week, talk about a sammichhhh!

I may even get all crazy-like and construct a lil’ grilled cheese action outta the stuff!! 😛

Who knows… 😉

Pimento cheese.  A once unfamiliar food territory that just might become a more regular part of my culinary repertoire – yummm!!

Do tell, have you ever had pimento cheese before?


  1. Um, YUM YUM! I saw your FB post and couldn’t wait to see the recipe 🙂 I’m not a mayo [or Miracle Whip] fan either so the Cho swap sounds wonderful!

  2. Definitely trying this one! Southern Living did a spread (ha!) on pimento cheese this month and I’ve been thinking about it ever since I read their collection of recipes! I think I’d rather do the Chobani, though (and it might get my husband to try it)! Thanks for sharing, Stephanie!

  3. I love pimiento cheese. Growing up we had it stuffed in celery for every family gathering (still do, actually) but I’ve never made it on my own. Looks delish!

    • I never thought to put it in celery, that would be a fun crunchy fresh way to enjoy it though!

  4. Happy ALMOST birthday! Living in the south, you know I’ve had pimento. Not a fan….I know! But my Mom is a huge fan, I must send her this!

  5. I don’t think I even know what Pimento cheese tastes like. Clearly, this needs to change. And if it has pepper-y things then I think it would be spicy… which sounds delish to me!

    Tonight was so fun! Glad I got to go to the class with you!

  6. it looks spicy and perfect for dipping!

  7. Pimiento cheese is my ultimate comfort food. I’ve written so many posts on it that on numerous occasions people have said, “I saw pimento cheese on the menu and thought of you, Sarah.” This, of course, filled my heart with joy!

    I was JUST thinking this morning about how I could make a vegan version since I’ve been dealing with lactose issues…[No joke, this is what I think about on the way to work/school. ;)]

    • Your thoughts sound alot like mine 😉 hope you’ll get to make it to the next cooking class!
      Ps I still can’t believe I’ve been missing out on pimento cheese for so long!?!

  8. YUM YUM YUM! Thanks for sharing this recipe. We make a great sour cream swap while lightening up the cals without skimping on the taste. We’re filing this for Super Bowl Sunday! Please email me if ya ever need a fresh supply of CHO to recreate this tasty dish 🙂

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  10. Just came across this on Pinterest and tried the recipe tonight! It was AMAZING!! I might be crushing this entire thing by myself.. which you think might be okay since its healthy, but then you realize you’ve eaten a whole block of cheese.. regardless- thanks for sharing!

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