Do you ever have a taste of somethin’ new & delicious and just know that it’s going to make its way into your own kitchen at a point in the very near future?!

That’s what happened with this new-to-me spicy chili paste called sambal, which I tried just a few short days ago…

Have you ever had this stuff before? 

If not, I highly suggest you try it.  Seriously.

If the smell of fresh sweet yet spicy chilis isn’t enough to entice you, then I can almost guarantee that the spicy sweetness that this chili paste delivers in the taste department sure will.

I can’t get enough of this stuff.  But really.

Especially when used to top this sweet coconut chicken and rice soup. 



Fresh mint and green onion too. 

I can’t even explain how much fabulous flavor that these lend to the sweet hearty coconut soup.  I love incorporating herbs into dishes like this!

This soup comes together so easily, and delivers so many different flavors that just make it irresistable in my opinion!

So let’s do this, shall we? 🙂

Fresh garlic.  Chopped. 

Added to a hot soup pot with a bit of coconut oil (or any oil), until fragrant.

Shredded chicken.  Which I simply boiled in a few cups of water, shredded and seasoned with sea salt & black pepper.

Reserved chicken cooking liquid.  Which when combined with homemade (or store bought) chicken stock, creates the soup broth.


Coconut milk.  Not sure how full fat would work here, but the light version was the perfect level of richness for this soup.

Jasmine Rice.  So fragrant!

Into the pot we go.  Cooked until fluffy & soft.

Finished with a handful of fresh green onion and additional salt and pepper, as needed.

Something about chicken and rice is just so warm & comforting now isn’t it? 

And here, somehow the traditional becomes exotic and tropical with the addition of unconventional flavors like coconut and mint…

To serve – now this is the important part! – top with additional fresh green onion, fresh mint and spicy Sambal.

And stir it up!  The heat from the soup brings out the flavor of the mint and onion too, so serve this sucker h-o-t 😛

These toppings are what really bring this soup to a whole ‘notha level my friends.

Fresh mint, sweet coconut, spicy chili and tangy green onion.  Ooooo oooo ooooo was this good!!!

And probably my favorite recipe of 2012 thus far…. even though it’s only the 8th day of the month yea yea yea 😉

But seriously, if you’re feeling like something different in the kitchen then I would totally recommend trying this soup.  Exotic flavors with ingredients that you can find at pretty much any grocery store too.  How’s that for easy n’ flavorful?

And yea, sambal.  Put it on the “must try” list for the new year.  Trust me, you’ll be glad ya did!!

Have you ever had Sambal before?

P.S. You can find sambal at any Asian market and I even spotted it at our local World Market.


  1. Great recipe I am going to make this delicious soup for sure this week maybe even tonight! I can smell it simmering already yummmm!

  2. Sounds really unique! Im not much for mint, but would be all about the other flavors!!

  3. This looks awesome. I love cooking with coconut milk and always on the hunt for new recipes!

  4. I’ve never tried sambal but I’m very interested- love dishes with heat!

  5. I’ve never tried Sambal, but then I’m not much of one for spice. The soup looks good, though! 🙂

  6. Sambal, the chunky cousin of my dearly beloved Sriracha. GOOD STUFF!! Pretty much awesome in everything! Pretty sure no wrong can be done when talking chicken, coconut, and soup. SOLD.

    • Yessss, so good! I like it more than Sriracha for some reason, I think bc it has the flavor/heat of the chilis without the garlic taste too? I should have known that you’d know what was up with this stuff, figurez 😉 Hope you are doing well girl, xoxo!

  7. Is that the same rooster picture that’s on bottles of Siracha?? (did I spell that right?) Anyways I love trying new spices. I bet it would en amazing on a stir fry!

    • Sure is! Same company makes it. This stuff doesn’t have the garlic flavor that Sriracha has though, it’s just straight up chilis – love! I also bet it would be amazing in stir fry, next up…? 🙂

  8. Gosh that looks fantastic!

  9. Mmm, I love coconut milk – especially in soups. It’s so comforting and provides a smooth, delicious flavor!

  10. Yummm! Stephanie this looks great! I’ve been cooking with coconut milk a lot lately. love it.

  11. I love soups like this! And LOVE sambal – but not as much as sriracha! 🙂

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