It’s a rainy day here this morning but the rain’s supposed to clear out soon & temps are supposed to creep up to 68 degrees today … unreal for January, right? 

Lovin’ it!  You know I’m a warm weather gal through and through 😉

Speaking of warm weather, all these above average temperatures have had me craving some very non-winter like foods this week!

Who wants a hearty stew when it feels like spring out there? 😛

So the other night I threw together this quick no-cook seafood salad to satisfy those warm weather cravings and it turned out super tasty.  Plus it took like 5 minutes to make.  Which is always winning during a busy work week IMO!

I also managed to yet again incorporate my favorite Chobani into the mix, in lieu of the more traditional mayo based dish…

I mean, what can’t this stuff do?! 😉 

3 Ingredients + Spices. 

That’s all folks!

(1) Salad shrimp. 

These were the precooked frozen ones right from the grocery freezer.

(2) Frozen green peas, defrosted.

(3) Plain 0% Chobani.

Now the spices! 

I was at first thinking of the tradition lemon and dill route… but then decided that (1) since I didn’t have those and (2) since I love me some spicy, that I’d take that route instead…

Is anyone surprised here? 😉

Cumin, chile powder, dried oregano, sea salt, black pepper and hot sauce!

All stirrrrred up. 

And there you have it.  Ready to serve!

The spicy yogurt sauce was perfectly creamy (see ya never mayonnaise!) and the seasoning tasted just right.  The combo of cumin/chili powder/oregano will never get old in my book…!

Plus ya’ll know how much I love the “pop” of a green pea in each bite, which was definitely not lacking here 😀 

I spooned the shrimp salad atop crispy, thick Wasa crackers for a perfectly spring-like light, simple dinner!

But I also imagine that it would be good placed atop a bed of fresh lettuce too.  Or eaten right from the bowl, ya know, not that I would know. Ha.

So there you have it. 

Super simple speedy shrimp salad… now say that 10 times 😉

Enjoy your weekend everyone!



  1. What a GREAT idea! You know I hate mayo, so the chobani instead is such a fabulous! Love it. How was the bday?

  2. I’m so glad we’re getting a warm spell. Hope you had a great birthday yesterday!

  3. *sigh* My aversion to meat so often gets in the way of what looks like a delicious recipe!

    But I had to say, have fun this weekend celebrating!!!! woohoo!!!

  4. A recipe suggestion – please provide the actual amount/volume of yogurt used. I buy Chobani in a large container (32 oz.) and I’m sure you’re using a 4 or 6 oz. container but I never look at the single-portion sized yogurt containers when I purchase it — because I use it a lot. I’m with you on relying on plain Greek yogurt (nonfat in my case) as a substitute for sour cream, mayo, heavy cream, cream cheese (when strained for a couple of days), etc.

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