I’ve seen the idea for a tortellini soup all over the internetz lately as the temperatures have started to fall…

Perhaps I peruse wayyyy to many cooking related websites (me, neverrrrr? 😉 ) or perhaps this is some trend that is catching on for the 2011 winter cooking season.  Who knows?!

Either way, I knew that after arriving back home from a weekend of fun in DC, that a comforting soup with cheesy tortellini was just was the doctor ordered.

Plus nothing kicks a body straight into get-back-to-work mode like a healthy dose of (hidden) vegetables! 😛

This recipe was inspired by my friend Courtney over @TheGranolaChronicles, who posted just a few days ago a tortellini soup that used pesto as a flavor addition. Umm yummm!

And since I’m still working through some fresh end-of-summer pesto in my freezer (the stuff freezes wonderfully p.s.) I knew this was the way to go.

Enjoy! 😀

Carrot, onion and olive oil.

Chicken & garlic.

Pesto, sea salt and black pepper.

Organic chicken broth.

Pomi chopped tomatoes plus some H20.  Simmered for 20 minutes.

I think you know how much I love these boxed tomatoes.  So we won’t get into that all over again 😉

But if you’re interested, check out this article on canned tomatoes: 7 Foods That Should Never Cross Your Lips

Think I’ve shared it before but definitely an interesting read 🙂

Cheese tortellini.  Frozen spinach.  Canned white beans.

Simmered for a few more minutes until hot.

 Hello there cheesy noodle goodness 😛


Then served.  With hot sauce to top if you like!

Or even some Parmesan cheese.

Whatever floats your soup boat 😉    

Classic, warm & comforting.

The veggies got perfectly tender and the large chunks of actual tomato were wonderfully smooth with the velvety pesto.  Cheesy tortellini and creamy white beans really made the soup hearty enough to serve as a meal. 

Top with a bit of hot sauce, if you are addicted like me, and you’ll have a most fabulous dinner in no time!

And a highly recommended soup recipe at that 😀  


  1. I’m seriously obsessed with soup. I love that you can throw whatever you have on hand in a pot with some broth and tomato sauce and have an amazing meal! It just can’t be beat! Yours looks so yummy. I will need to add some tortellini to my mix next time!

  2. You and all your yummy-looking soups. I want that!

    • You have to try Earl’s, it was really good! Some of the best sweet tater fries I’ve had. I knowwwww, but don’t you worry, I’m sure to be back very soon if I know me well enough haha 😉 We’ll find some time to catch up for sure!

  3. My kiddos love cheese tortellini!! I know they would enjoy this for our weekend lunches, thanks!!

  4. YUM!!! I love your addition of beans & spinach – a nice healthy kick!

  5. I was just thinking today that I need to make soup and pesto came to mind. This sounds fantastic!

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