Fact:  Fanatic Mom loves her some magazines.

There’s always quite the assortment lying around the house just waiting to be read.

And now, guess where the magazines end up once they’re read and done?  Oh yes, these treasures end up over at the Casa de Fanatic.

So if you are ever at my house and see a Woman’s World haha, you’ll know why 😉

But I must say, sometimes these magazines have some fun recipe ideas that inspire me…!

Take this one, from said Woman’s WorldChicken Alfredo Waffles.

Say whoooo? whaaaaa?

Yea, I know, caught my eye too 😛

But I knew it just had to be done, especially since I still had some Pomi alfredo sauce leftover after this spinach pasta adventure that needed using…

Four ingredients.  Five if you want to count the seasoning. Yep, watch this!

Shredded chicken breast. 

Frozen green peas.

Pomi alfredo sauce.

You can see my original thoughts on this here.  This time around I was able to really taste the flavor too, since it wasn’t buried under tons o’ spinach and pasta.

Verdict?  Superbbbbbbbb!

Seasoned with poultry seasoning, salt & pepper and heated through until luscious, creamy n’ warm.

Then draped over frozen waffles. 

Oh yea, we’re totally going there… frozen waffles it is!

Bet you’ve never had a dinner quite like this before? 😉

Always something new around here…

I love plays on the palate like this, pairing sweet and savory foods, breakfast with what should be considered dinner.  All in one dish 🙂

Peas and thank you?

Because after all, food is supposed to fun now isn’t it?! 

Sure is 😀  And this one sure was.

Creamy chicken atop sweet waffles is bound to get some oooooh’s and ahhhhh’s when placed on the evening meal table, now isn’t it?

A recommended fast weeknight dinner idea for sure, and if you can get your hands on this Pomi alfredo sauce, please give it a whirl.  Not only does the ingredient list rock, but the flavor is spot on too!

And p.s. an alfredo soaked waffle is seriously legit.  Just throwin’ that out there… 😉


  1. This screams southern cookin! Very unexpected. My aunt gives me her old magazines-loveee it!

  2. This is a totally fun recipe- I’m thinking my son would go nuts for something like this!

  3. YUM! I’ve always wanted to try Southern fried chicken and waffles, but this looks even better.

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