This “recipe” came about thanks so the  leftover ricotta from family pasta bake night just the other night.

Coupled with an extreme craving for bacon that came about after visiting Fanatic parents on Sunday and smelling the post-bacon adventure that had just recently taken place in their kitchen. 

What can I say, sometimes a girl just needs some BACON! 😛

Oh and remember the roasted red peppers that I rambled on about the other day?  


Ummm $3.89 from Costco for 35 ounces of roasted goodness.  Three times the peppers, 1/3 the cost!

So yea, those played a part here too. 

Adding a lovely depth of flavor to the creamy ricotta, might I add 😀

Chopped, cooked bacon.  Check.

Frozen cheese tortellini.  Check.

Stirred together with ricotta cheese and roasted red peppers. Check.

Does it get any easier that this?


This dish had so much great flavor!  The smoky bacon with creamy ricotta cheese, ummm who knew?!

And want to know what I thought was the best part?  The way the roasted peppers and extra juices really flavored the ricotta “sauce” too. 

So so good.  And definitely not your usual suspect tortellini dinner! 🙂


This rich dish really satisfied my bacon craving and so much more.  It was delicious and something definitely worth making either just for yourself or for guests any night of the week!

5 Minus 1:  Four Ingredient Success.  So accountant-like of me, right? 😉

QUICK SIDE NOTE: I’ve been entered into a lil’ soup contest and would absolutey love if ya’ll had a few minutes to head over to THIS SITE and vote for my PUMPKIN CHIPOTLE STOUP! Finalists get to travel to Boston for a cookoff and I’d be more than excited to be a part of that 🙂 Thanks ya’ll!


  1. Ricotta rocks! How delicious! Just voted!!

  2. I love tortellini! This looks wonderful!

  3. I’m bookmarking this one! I could easily leave the bacon out of my serving, and the b-friend would go crazy for some bacon + cheese-ness.

    Now can we go mourn the loss of Exercise TV over some wine? I need it 🙁

    • I knooooooooo I can’t believe they took it away?! Pass me the glass (uhh bottle??) haha 😉

  4. ricotta and bacon, heaven!!! off to vote!! good luck!!

  5. oh man. i wish i had tortellini at home! this looks so delicious and easy 🙂


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