A Fall weather staple in all things pumpkin pie, pumpkin gingersnap cheesecake, three ingredient pumpkin spice cupcakes… ya know 🙂

But sometimes savory pumpkin dishes just ‘get me’ even more than their sweet dessert counterparts!

Take these Pumpkin Chipotle Enchiladas for example.

Which incorporate the no-soak crockpot pinto beans that I made just the day before…

Plus sweet canned pumpkin and spicy chipotle peppers in adobo

Sweet n’ spicy!

Spooned into fresh corn tortillas.

And topped with freshly cooked pinto beans.  Or canned.  Either way works 🙂

Then rolled up and tightly fit into a baking dish until full.

Draped with a basic restaurant style salsa.

Plus some crumbled feta cheese. Or whatever cheese you like.

And baked for 30 minutes, until warmed through and the cheese melted and soft.

Superrrrrrrrrrr spicy my friends.  I don’t know what it is with those chipotle peppers in adobo, but I tend to go overboard with them every.single.time. <– I just can’t get enough?!  Love these guys… 😛

Like when I chopped up a whole one and placed it atop a serving of green beans. Twice. Yes, that happened.  My tastebuds have left the building… clearly.

So if you still have your taste buds intact, perhaps you may want to tone down the amount of chipotles used, or else consider it fair warning 😉

P.S. These canned peppers will last for close to 2 months just in the fridge! Just make sure you take them out of the can to store.

Pumpkin and chipotle peppers in adobo are a creamy, smoky, sweet and spicy match made in heaven.  Not sure why I didn’t think of this combo sooner?!

Better late than never 😛

The flavor on these enchiladas rocked.  They almost tasted like some sort of tamale pie with the bites of corn tortilla throughout!

But, because not everything turns out perfect the first time, here are some notes on what I’d do differently next time:

  • I usually really like salsa as a topper for enchiladas in lieu of a classic enchi sauce (see here and here), but I think these needed either that or a blend of salsa plus tomatoes for extra liquid, since the corn tortillas soaked up alot and the alternative would have left the enchis a bit more “enchi-like.”
  • I usually also like using feta in Mexican themed dishes, since it’s mild and has a flavor similar to a Mexican queso fresco.  However, I think some melty Monterey Jack would have added alot to this dish in lieu of the feta. *sigh*

All in all, I was more than happy to eat through this entire pan of enchis over the course of the week. What is it about coming home to a big pan of leftovers that is just oh so comforting?

Next time around I may take my notes into consideration and try a variation on this original though! Already ready for it – hope the store isn’t out of pumpkin 😉


  1. I was actually just about to pitch a can of these little suckers but now that I know I can still get another week or so out of them, I’ve got some Mexican fare to whip up.

    • As long as they weren’t stored in their original can they will be good to go!! At least according to stilltasty.com, my favorite website everrrr for stuff like this haha 🙂

  2. Keep the pumpkin coming, I say! haha

    Those sound AWESOME! I bet that’s a vegetarian dish I could get the man to try…

  3. Mmm… sounds like a good way to use up some leftover pumpkin, haha!

  4. I think this might be a pumpkin recipe I might like, the spicier the better!

  5. Pumpkin and chipotle all in one meal — two of my favorite things! This looks great.

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