Well, happy Saturday my friends!  Things are super quiet here considering Hurricane Irene is making her way into our neck of the woods…

Thanks for the visit Irene.  Not.

So much for my best friend visiting from D.C. and partying it up tonight for my good friend’s husband’s bday…

*Sigh*  Anyways.

Instead it looks like it’s going to be a quiet and relaxing weekend here considering this is the forecast for the next 24 hours:

Lovely.  It’s already raining away and gusty out there.  Here we go!

Even the farmer’s market was cancelled this morning… I mean what’s a girl to do…?

 *Another Sigh*

But at this point I should be counting my lucky stars since looks like Richmond isn’t getting a fraction of what our Eastern Shore neighbors are experiencing.  Definitely sending prayers their way!

Well before we potentially lose power from the storm and have to eat tuna from a can, I decided that a nice warm meal was in order last night.

But I really wasn’t in the mood for a major kitchen ordeal. 

Thankfully Birds Eye sent me some coupons to try out yet another of their products which I more than happily obliged to do 🙂

Birds Eye Voila:  Garlic Shrimp

Garlic seasoned pasta with shrimp, broccoli, carrots and corn.

The coupon was buy one get one free.  And they were on sale for $4.29.  I’d say that’s a pretty good bargain in my opinion!

Simply add the frozen mixture to a pot over medium high heat, throw in 1/3 cup of water, cover and cook for 10-11 minutes until shrimp are done and meal is heated through.

Duh duh duhhhhhhhhhh the leftover cabbage shreds strike AGAIN!

Bahaha this cabbage is never ending… and so much more versatile than I thought!  I think I’ll be buying this again, great way to bulk up a meal 🙂

I let the cabbage cook with the meal for another 5 minutes until it got soft and tender. 

As this was cooking the house smelled really really really good.  Like surprisingly good.  Like “this really came from a frozen bag?” good. 

Yea, I’m not sure who I am either…? 😛

Served up as an easy weeknight meal with some extra veggie weight from the cooked cabbage.  Birds Eye tells me that this serves 3.5… I’d say it’s cloesr to 3. Or if you’re hungry like me, just about 2 😉

Notice the patio cushions in the background?  There’s my hurricane preparation lol.  Kidding ya’ll, I did a few other things too like buying copious amounts of wine 😉

Let me describe how this meal tasted to me:

Super sweet bits of corn & carrots.  Sauce was creamy and not too salty, great flavor.  Plenty of fresh shrimp to go around.  Nothing was mushy, pasta and veggies held their form.

So overall, for frozen meal standards, definitely a grade A in the taste department.

As I was talking to Fanatic Mom on the phone I told her I was scurrred to look at the ingredient list because I didn’t want there to be anything on the list that prevented me from wanting to eat this again…

My luck ran out 🙁


Why Birds Eye whyyy?  For me, the inclusion of this ingredient would definitely make this an occasional meal which is disappointing since I really liked it!  At least it’s pretty low on the ingredient list though.

Well, time to go see what this hurricane has in store for us.  Fanatic Mom, Lucy Dog and I will be weathering the storm tonight at the Casa de Fanatic… could get interesting (and dark haha, got my flashlight!!)

Track Irene

Tell me, are you in hurricane Irene’s path?  If so, what are your hurricane day plans?

My how times have changed since college when an impending hurricane meant stocking up on alcohol and crowding all your friends in for a hurricane party haha (so funnnn!)  Not as easy when you own a home, have a pet and have to drive to get anywhere now is it 😉


  1. Bahhhh im always scared to check out ingredient lists! Oh well, ok every once in a while. Lots of branches down here today, but we are very lucky we didnt get directly hit

  2. We’re on the outskirts of the path, but I’m still going to go to dinner with the new boyfriend 🙂
    Stay safe girl!

  3. Gah, it’s such a bummer when the ingredients list is long or contains not-so-good things :/ I always wonder why they can’t make a simple substitution?! Hope you’re keeping dry- saw that 75% of Richmond lost power… All is a-ok in the DC area!

  4. Hoping that you still have power lady! We were lucky and didn’t go out until around 8 tonight. Hopefully we get it back early tomorrow.

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