Oh just another ordinary Tuesday…

Woke up. Showered. Ate breakfast. Went to work. Worked. Went to lunch. Ate fro yo. Worked some more.  Experienced a 5.8 earthquake. Evacuated work building. Came back to work…

No big deal.  (?!?!?!)

I must say that everyone was so confused at work when our building started to shake and just wouldn’t stop.  We aren’t used to Earthquakes here in the RVA!  We do uhhh snow and hurricanes, with the occasional tornado threat mmmmkay.

Anddd it was just miles away from my office, as you can see from this here diagram —>

Useful picture if I might say so myself.  A bit too close for comfort, Steph and earthquakes do not a good mix make.  Just puttin’ that out there… 😉

Anyways, in celebration of all being okay after VAEarthquakeExtravaganza2011, I decided to make some quinoa burgers (cakes?) for dinner!

Because what says celebration like… quinoa?

Hey, to each their own.

I’ve had my eye on this idea for a while now and tonight was the night for a buffalo-themed spin on this superfood.

I mean, who doesn’t like buffalo themed ‘anything’…?  Does that person even exist?  I didn’t think so 😛

Buffalo Bleu Cheese Quinoa Cakes

Makes 8 cakes


  • 1 cup uncooked quinoa, cooked like this
  • 1 cup frozen corn
  • 1/2 cup white beans, drained & mashed
  • 1/3 cup Frank’s buffalo sauce
  • 1/4 cup crumbled bleu cheese
  • 1/4 cup (heaping) sliced green onion
  • 1 egg (maybe 2?)
  • S&P

Simply combine all of the ingredients, stirring to incorporate thoroughly.

Then form into cakes, placing on a platter.  This recipe will make about 8 cakes using an heaping 1/3 cup scoop.

Then pop these into the fridge to firm up for about 20 minutes before you get to cooking.

To cook the quinoa cakes, simply slide them into a hot skillet (over medium-high heat) that has been sprayed with cooking spray.

Cook about 4-5 minutes each side, flipping once. 

These suckers were a bit fiesty and some of them decided to fall apart a bit.  I’m thinking that next time around not 1, but 2 eggs may be necessary to bind everything better??

Whatevs.  Despite a few less than steller lookin’ cakes, the flavor was on point!!!

A perfect crust forms while the quinoa cakes sizzle in the hot pan, giving the quinoa an almost nutty flavor.

Add in the bites of sweet corn laced with tangy bleu cheese and spicy buffalo sauce and you are in for a real treat! 🙂

These quinoa cakes rated super high on the taste scale for me!!!!

And you know what, those poor broken up cakes that didn’t make it outta the pan whole?  Oh they are still goin’ down the hatch haha, perhaps piled atop a side salad in lieu of on the side 😀

Oh and by the way, while I was eating these delicious quinoa cakes we apparently had an aftershock of 4.2 and I DIDN’T EVEN NOTICE.

Guess that speaks for how much I enjoyed them hahaha (who does that?!)…

Thanks to Fanatic Mom I was updated on the aftershock about 20 minutes later.  She was shocked that I was clueless… #quinoaproblems?

Crossing my fingers there aren’t any more aftershocks tonight… or it looks like I may be eating alotttt more quinoa cakes to calm my nerves lol 😉

 You think I’m kidding…

Tell me, have you ever been in an earthquake before?


  1. Crazy earthquake! We were all very confused at work too! My department didn’t evacuate, but I sit right by the door out to the hall & I saw people literally running outside, lol. It was so weird! And, we felt the aftershock here too. (I live in Southern Chesterfield – work in Richmond off Staples Mill & Parham.) My husband yelled at my daughter & I upstairs – “EARTHQUAKE!” LOL! I’m not sure what he thought that would accomplish!

  2. Yum these look SUPER good I am going to make them soon!!! I love your map how did you make that map? It was cute.

  3. Nutssss! They even felt it in charleston today! I was in the 89 earthquake (and many other smaller ones when i lived in ca) the burgers sound fantastic. The crumbles just give them character

  4. Glad you are okay! Earth quakes are scary!

  5. seriously – it was crazy!! i don’t think i want to feel another earthquake. it was freaky.

  6. I’m a new reader of your blog and to healthy blogs in general and I must say I’m really enjoying myself! Since reading your blogs and other healthy living blogs I’ve seen a lot of quinoa so I decided to buy some at the store the other day. This recipe looks like it’s right up my alley! I can’t wait to try it!

    I also live in VA and experienced the quake. That was something wasn’t it!? I felt the 4.2 aftershock but I think unless you weren’t sitting pretty still you could have missed it. If I would have been devouring something delish I probably wouldn’t have noticed either 🙂

  7. Cakes look scrumptious and gives me another chance to use up the whole lotta quinoa [Costco bag] I have 🙂

    I live right outside DC [have my whole life, except attending college in Boston] and felt the earthquake- it was so scary! It was my first… We always practiced for fires and tornadoes in school, but never earthquakes- I didn’t know what to do!

  8. Yum, these look awesome. They are on the list to make soon!!! The earthquake was craaaazyyy. I thought it was kind of fun/exciting though, haha.

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