Well hello there everyone! 

I’ve had a busy weekend celebrating one of my best friend’s soon-to-be-wedding-day with some Bachelorette festivities 😀  

And it was an awesomeeeeee weekend with some wonderful ladies I have to say!

Yesterday morning we woke up bright n’ early and headed about an hour west to Charlottesville, a beautiful part of Virginia just as the mountains start to roll that is known for its wineries and  super cute restaurants.

Wine at noon?  Oh sure, why not…

We had a big van to transport the group all around, which was perfect for starting the day off with a lunchtime pour of wine (uh ohhhhh 😉 ) and some fun games!

First stop:  Blenheim Vineyards

This was my favorite winery of the day.  Super relaxed, wonderful atmosphere and by far my favorite white wines 🙂

Their white table wine was super deelish!

This winery was actually established by the Matthews family, as in the Dave Matthews Band.  How cool is that, who knew?

But I have to tell you – the weatherman was WRONG on the forecast… it was coldddddddddd!

So much for sandals & short sleeves, definitely wish we’d gotten that memo 😉

Next stop:  Jefferson Vineyards

The sweeter dessert wines at this winery were most impressive.

The grounds were also very pretty, just wish it was nicer to enjoy them!

Last stop:  Keswick Vineyards

They took our group to the back room where all the wines are stored & aged…

Things gotta a little outta control at this point lol 😉

Hey, seemed like a good idea at the time 😛

Our wine pourer was so sweet too, he took about 392 pictures of all of us (as you can tell) and was a total good sport about it!

Their reds were super impressive, especially the Heritage 2007 which actually had flavors of Indian spices on the finish. So creatively delicious!

After all that wine tasting we were definitely feelin’ a little like Mr. Kitty here 😉

But there was more fun to be had… butttttt at some point the camera just had to take a break.

Let’s just say we had an amazing dinner at a Nouveau Latin Restaurant called Mono Loco <— check out KathEats for a great review of this yummy place.

This spot served fresh, local (and—whenever possible—organic) food and The Gibson Grill w/ Crispy Cod, Truffled Mushrooms & Grilled Tomatoes was absolutely out. of. this. world.

Followed by a night of (more) drinks and dancing…. 

Finished off with a super fluffy NY style bagel breakfast at the famous Bodo’s Bagels this morning!

And now?  Rest. Relaxation. Whole Foods. Time with The Man.

Super-wonderful Sunday to finish off a fabulous weekend 🙂



  1. What a great time with the ladies!! I love the pictures of y’all on the wine barrels- hilarious 🙂

  2. Excellent post! Love the photo montage on the barrels!!! What a great weekend.

  3. That sounds like so much fun! I want to go on a wine tour where transportation is provided. 🙂

  4. bachelorette party wine tastings are the best, so fun!

  5. What a fun day! LOVE the pictures of y’all on the wine barrels! 🙂

  6. Amazing! Looks like a wonderful time!

  7. Ahh, I see C’Ville is still beautiful. Stunning landscape photos! Sorry you got caught in the cold. C’Ville cold is just plain bitter, brrr!

  8. What an awesomely fun bachelorette party!!!!! Can you take me on those wine tours when I come down and visit you and Brittany?? 🙂

  9. Oh my gosh, those barrel pictures are hilarious!! I love the idea of going to a winery for Bachelorette festitivies. 🙂 Might have to steal that for my cousin’s wedding this fall!

  10. This is so funny I am going to charlottesville this weekend to visit my best friend and we are going to mono loco on Saturday! Can’t wait!

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