I’ll let the video do the talking, how about it? :)

Mango. Black Cherry. Lemon.

That’s right, the winner of this giveaway is going to get their very own stash of the new Chobani flavors!!

Sounds pretty good, right? 

Me:  “Want to enter?” 

You:  “Yes”

Me:  “Good answer.  Here’s how.”


An entry for each of the following:

  1. What flavor of the three above are you most excited about trying?  Mango, Black Cherry or Lemon?! (note:  you must do this in order to enter any bonus entries below ) 
  2. Bonus Entry 1:  Follow @Chobani on Twitter, leaving me a comment below saying you’ve done so.
  3. Bonus Entry 2:  Spread the word on twitter by copying & pasting the following, leaving me a comment below saying you’ve done so:  “Enter to win new flavors of @Chobani from @Cookinfanatic1!! #giveaway”
  4. Bonus Entry 3: “Like” Cookinfanatic on facebook & leave a comment saying you’ve done so —–> see button on right side of screen
  5. Bonus Entry 4:  Post a link back to this giveaway on your blog, leaving me a comment below saying you’ve done so.

I’ll be randomly generating the winner Friday, February 25th!!

Good luck everyone :D

160 Responses to CHOBANI GIVEAWAY!!!

  1. Lemon!! Then the Mango and Cherry! The lemon will be yummy on top of pound cake! I have done all of the above for the entry! My kids love Chobani and we go through 6 a day! This would be huge for our family!

  2. michele maloneNo Gravatar

    I’m most excited to try the lemon.

  3. michele maloneNo Gravatar

    I follow chobani on twitter as @lolamichele.

  4. michele maloneNo Gravatar

    I like chobani on facebook.

  5. I really want to try the lemon :)

  6. I’m excited about Mango!

  7. And I follow Chobani on Twitter!

  8. Following @Chobani on Twitter

  9. I like Cookinfanatic on facebook

  10. Mango is my fruit of choice so naturally, I am excited to try the mango flavor.

  11. You’re too cute! No need to say thank you for all of the support! I love reading your blog and seeing all of your fabulous recipes (especially those that are Mexican inspired ;). So I’ve cheated and tried them all! They are fabulous- can’t wait to have more black cherry (for the man) and mango (for me!)

  12. I am so excited to try the Lemon flavor! I’ve heard great things about it!

  13. I’m excited about the lemon flavor!

  14. Of course I already follow Chobani on Twitter! (@GranolaCourtney)

  15. I’m excited about the lemon!

  16. I follow Chobani on Twitter :)

  17. I want to try the black cherry. The mango flavor is delicious.

  18. I just signed up to follow Chobani on twitter.

  19. I also posted your link on twitter.

  20. I am obsessed with CHOBANI !!! I first tried it at the ADA conference (FNCE) last year and love it!! Lemon is my fave. I love how healthy and full of protein it is. I’ve been recommending it to everyone lol I even told my family in Australia to keep their eye out for it because its sooo much yummier (and healthier) than regular yogurt.

    I follow it on twitter: LexieBoyceRD2Be

  21. AHH!! I’ve been dying to try all three flavors, but I’d love to start with Lemon!

  22. I tweeted for you!

  23. Veronica LowNo Gravatar

    I want to try mango! =9 yummm

  24. Veronica LowNo Gravatar

    I also liked you on facebook =]

  25. I am most excited to try mango! YUM!

  26. I am most excited to try the mango! yum!

  27. I liked ya on Facebook!!

  28. I want to try the lemon!


  29. i follow chobani on twitter



  30. I tweeted it!



  31. I would want to try Black Cherry! Sounds amazing!

  32. i liked you on facebook!


  33. i don’t have a blog so i posted it on my facebook!


  34. I liked Cookinfanatic on facebook! Thanks :)

  35. I am most excited to try Mango. I tried Lemon and Black Cherry so far and love them, but haven’t tried Mango yet. Yum! I love Chobani yogurt.

  36. I already follow Chobani on Twitter.

  37. I spread the word on twitter. @FitintheMidwest

  38. Oh my gosh, you are so cute! :-)
    So I tried the lemon and LOVE IT so much, in fact I’m going to the store tomorrow just to get some (um, yeah….addict). BUT I would love to try the Mango next!!

  39. Pingback: Chobani is love | Fit in the Midwest

  40. Lemon sounds good to try
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  41. Follow @Chobani on Twitter@tcarolinep

  42. “Like” Cookinfanatic on facebook@tcarolinep Jessiekatie S

  43. I would love to try the mango!

  44. I follow Chobani on Twitter!

  45. I am eager to try black cherry & lemon- as a parfait, dessert, the possibilities are endless!

  46. Liked your FB page :)

  47. I would follow you on Twitter or send a “tweet” (?) :P but I don’t have an account…

  48. I’m most excited for Mango because it has a sweet and tangy taste and Mangos are hard to come by in Michigan!!

  49. I follow Chobani AND YOU on twitter :)

  50. I’ve spread the word on twitter @ElleHattan

  51. I’ve tried the mango, so I definitely want to try the lemon next! MMM!

  52. I follow @Chobani!

  53. I tweeted the giveaway.

  54. I can’t wait to try the cherry! I am obsessed with pineapple already!
    Just want to say “THANKS” for your website, it is really inspiring. Keep it up!

  55. Lemon! I love anything lemon flavored!

  56. I tweeted too – runleangreen

  57. I really want to try the lemon! I’ve heard it’s fantastic.

  58. I’m also following Chobani on twitter (@flickvan)

  59. NOM! I have had the lemon & mango…so bring on the black cherry!!

  60. Tweetttttttttttttttt!

  61. ANNNNNDDD following you on facebook :) PHEW!

  62. I want to try them all because I can’t find them anywhere! I want to try the Lemon, Mango and possibly Black Cherry (for the man).

  63. I cannot wait to try the black cherry flavor, but I have not found it in stores near me. At least not yet!

  64. I follow Chobani on Twitter.

  65. I tweeted about the contest.

  66. I liked CookinFanatic on Facebook!

  67. I am most interested in trying the Mango!

  68. I am already a Chobani follower. (@butterjessfly)

  69. I follow you and I tweeted. (@butterjessfly)

  70. I have tried all three and like them all. Black cherry and lemon win over Mango, however.

  71. I “liked” CookinFanatic!!!!

  72. I’m most interested in trying the lemon.

  73. Ok, SO let me see here….

    I tried the mango which I was most excited about and it was heaven but the lemon I’m excited to try!
    I already like Chobani on Facebook! (obvi) (and I “liked” this post on facebook)
    AND I posted a link on my blog to this post!!
    Does that count as three? I sure as heck hope it does. You know how much I LOVE (am a little obsessed with) my Chobani!!! :D

  74. I am excited to try the black cherry!

  75. I am a fan of Chobani on facebook :)

  76. I am so very excited to try the lemon!

  77. Black Cherry sounds yummy!

  78. I really want to try mango! I haven’t been able to find it anywhere.

  79. I am so excited to try Mango!
    and I already follow @Chobani on twitter :)

  80. I’m now following Chobani on Twitter.

  81. Black cherry!!! YUMMMMMMM!!!!! I can’t wait!!

  82. I am DYING to try all of the new flavors…but especially the MMmmmmMANGO!!! :)

  83. I am now following @Chobani….I am @snickerdoodle44 :)

  84. Just tweeted to spread the word about this FABULOUS GIVEAWAY (Enter to win new flavors of @Chobani from @Cookinfanatic1!! #giveaway)


  85. And finally, I ‘likes’ ya on FB

    Hope I get lucky!! :)

  86. Lemon! I used to adore lemon yogurt — but have never had Greek lemon yogurt.

  87. I want to try the black cherry!

  88. I follow Chobani on Twitter!

  89. I’m mosted excited to try lemon as I’ve already tried the mango!

  90. I like Chobani on facebook already

  91. I posted a link to this on my blog!

  92. I am already following Chobani on Twitter!!

  93. It is a tie between lemon & black cherry. Lemon sounds so refreshing & black cherry sounds perfect with cereal.

  94. I already follow Chobani on Twitter (lje2me)

  95. I’m most excited to try black cherry!! I follow Chobani on twitter!

  96. Mango!

  97. I follow @Chobani on twitter.

  98. Mmmmm Mango sounds yummy!

  99. I already follow @Chobani on Twitter.

  100. I’m most excited to try the Mango Chobani!

  101. I follow Chobani on Twitter!

  102. I’ve tweeted your giveaway!

  103. I’ve spread the word on twitter with your message :)

  104. I liked Cookinfanatic on Facebook!

  105. I’m most excited to try lemon! I think it would go great on top of some blueberry pancakes!

  106. I tweeted about the giveaway! (@stretchjean)

  107. I’d really really like to try the lemon. I’ve been searching high and low for it and haven’t found it yet, but can’t wait to try – lemon flavored things are my absolute favorite!

  108. And I follow @Chobani on twitter

  109. Yum – I’m excited for the Mango most of all!

  110. I also follow @chobani on twitter!

  111. I can’t wait to try the mango yogurt! And I am so not technical so I can’t “tweet” or Facebook “like.” I am so old! :D
    Still love seeing your commercial!!

  112. Lemon! Especially because of all the add in possibilities- strawberries, blueberries, blackberries… mmm.

  113. I also follow chobani on twitter

  114. I also follow chobani on twitter!

  115. I love the idea of lemon yogourt!

  116. I’ve tried the lemon and mango (my favorite!), so I’d most want to try the black cherry.

  117. I am pumped for the lemon flavor!

  118. I want to try black cherry… cherries:)

  119. I am following Chobani on Twitter as njhhb.

  120. I am now followin @chobani on twitter!

  121. I’m MOST excited to try lemon… I’ve heard it’s FABULOUS!!

  122. I follow @Chobani on Twitter!

  123. Just tweeted about your giveaway on Twitter!!

  124. I just “Liked” CookinFanatic on Facebook! :)

  125. I cannot wait to try the black cherry! I love cherry flavored things. I would find it an honor to win! :)

  126. I follow chobani on twitter!

  127. I spread the word abou the giveaway on twitter! (@gogirl001us)

  128. I liked Cookinfanatic on Facebook!

  129. Lemon! I want to try it frozen!!!!

  130. I know I entered this days ago but don’t see my entries here anymore. Weird.

    I have actually tried the new flavors minus lemon (love the other 2 btw) so I’m excited to try that one!!

    @thisenvy on twitter

  131. Of course, I already follow @chobani on twitter!

  132. It said your FB page was unavailable the other day but I sent a request now!

  133. Black Cherry! I tried the lemon one, and it was a little funky… I am hoping it was a bad batch, but I want to try that again… and then the mango… I dont think I have ever had a mango. Need to remedy that! It is on my 2011 to do list!

  134. I follow @chobani on twitter as @KrisGetsHealthy

  135. I love Chobani!! I am looking forward to trying the Lemon. Especially with a crumbled ginger snap on top. YUM!!

  136. Lemon, black cherry, mango. I am surprised that I didn’t like mango more as I am usually a big mango fan.

  137. Posted it to my own blog site.

  138. I just followed @Chobani on twitter as @athenacreates

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